Personal Guidance

Mehubarim connects different people, all with a common cause and a common journey, but each a whole world coping with life, before, after and in the middle of cancer.
The Mehubarim team is composed of volunteer guides. Each guide accompanies about five patients. This includes constant phone conversations, visits at the hospital, at home, going together for tests, meeting for a cup of coffee, etc.
The individual attention to the physiological and mental needs of the patient, such as receiving medical supplies, medicines, raising funds in a low economic status, couples therapy, housing solutions, international contacts for experts etc, are an inseparable part of the various situations that cancer patients come across. During these meetings, the personal relations and the caring initiated between the guide and the patient enables maximal help and support. This bond grants support, and strengthens the Mehubarim family.

Support Groups

Mehubarim strongly believes that coping together can initiate great support for the patient and create miracles in their ability to overcome the disease and its consequences.
Out of this belief, Mehubarim activates support groups in various areas in Israel.
The support groups are held under the management and supervision of Mr. Abraham Wallach, the Emunah Jerusalem district manager and are held by professionally trained instructors with great experience.
The support groups conduct an open conversation, in order to make peace calmly and certainly while fighting cancer. The group partnership provides a sense of safety and “togetherness” that is missing for most of the patients during these difficult times. The subjects that are explored during the sessions are angers, fear of pain and side-effects, fear of death, loss, denial, depression, guilt, marital relationships, sexuality, dependency, loneliness, medical information, financial and employment issues, etc.
Mehubarim is active in this project out of a clear understanding that sharing the emotions and the feelings, and listening to others, can help the mental and physiological healing process, and are highly important.
The participation in the support groups is free of charge, and includes a series of four meetings during one month, with an option to keep coming, as deemed necessary.


Mehubarim connects different people, all with a common cause and a common journey, but each a whole world coping with life, before, after and in the middle of cancer.

  • Hanukah Party

    ”Shlomi Shabat came to light up our Hanukah. We convened for a joint candle lighting in a hall in Bar Ilan University. Shlomi Shabat talked with the members about life and difficulties, singing together with them, accompanied by his guitar.

  • Winter Party

    The party began with incredibly sweet and tatsty food. Later that evening, we burst with laughter in a laughter workshop by Hananel Amitay, tears were rolling… out of laughter… The event was joined by the great comedian Yuval Semo, in especially funny pieces.

  • Jeep moonlight tour

    Our goal was: a night moonlight jeep tour. This was an insane experience with the magical sights of nature, both inspiring and relaxing. We have reached the “Fire Scrolls” monument, stopped for a group photo and continued to the site selected for dinner, seasoned with scents of the open air.

  • Mt. Herzl

    We travelled through time, and back to the period of establishment, touring in Mt. Herzl, Jerusalem. We passed among the heroes and characters lying still, who were awakened by Elyada’s story. Every story presented the hero in his true being. These were stories filled with courage, love and vision.

  • Touring the old city of Jaffa

    A meeting in the old city of Jaffa started with a magical tour around the alleys of the city, and the port. The guided tour lasted for about an hour and a half. After the tour, we gathered in Bino Gabso’s restaurant, and had an amazing supper.

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