Supporting and guiding cancer patients between the ages 20-35.

Mehubarim Association connects the patients to life, to the flowing energies, to the beauty of nature, to the joy of life – stopped all of a sudden. We desire to grant the groups of adults a sense of togetherness, to support and be with them in shared activities, in personal meetings. We believe they deserve to live together with cancer.

Chums, 30 years old, born in
New York Lives in Jerusalem
Studied in the Hebrew University
of Jerusalem
Runs a fashion store in Jerusalem,
a fashion icon in her soul
With an excellent sense of styling,
dreams of a prospering business.

Following the discovery of
abdominal cancer, received heavy
loads of chemotherapy and
radiation and underwent surgery.
Her dream of a prospering
business is put on hold.

Dana, 30 years old, a former officer
in the IDF. Lives in Tel Aviv.
Studied in the Technion.
Started her master’s degree in
Tel Aviv University.
Travels all around the world;
Europe, South America and many
other destinations

About a year ago, she was
diagnosed with lymphoma.
Today, she copes with a recurring
Receives series of
chemotherapies and truly
believes she will recover

Itzik, 29 years old, from Bat-Yam.
Likes to cook, set up a table, feed
friends and family, and also to
hang out.
Started a business in the food
industry. He is mostly found
happy, in restaurants with friends.

About two years ago he moved to
Jerusalem, following the
discovery of cancer in his body.
Since then, he is coping with the
disease bravely.
His joy of life never ceased,
and neither did the cooking.

Moty, 26 years old, from Beer
Sheba. Studies construction
engineering. After his military
service, Moty went on a trip
to South America.
He is crazy about dogs, and likes
to sit and relax in front of the TV.

Moty currently recovers from
chemotherapy and bone-marrow
transplant, following a lymph
node cancer.
He met his girlfriend, also coping
with cancer.
Both of them believe in the victory
of love and life.

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The Sessions

Mehubarim initiates a special meeting for the group members every month.

These events provide the chance for the members to meet, enjoy, connect and support one another. New friendships are created, and hopes and energies are transferred between the members.

The joy of leaving the routine of treatments and illness, and moving to a different setting, a different atmosphere, with moving scents and tastes – provides the members with vitality and peace, if only for a few days.

These common events are the missing breath of air for some of the members. They enable them to feel the wind blowing, to hear and learn from the world, to collect extreme and thrilling experiences, or to simply sit at a coffee shop, laughing and talking.

Empowering life. The power to win.

We believe they deserve to live together with cancer.

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