They survive the day to come.
Instead of attending BA classes,
Starting to build a career,
Instead of having coffee, or drinks with the guys,
Instead of falling in love and feeling their hearts beat,
Building the life of a couple,
Thinking about a child.
Instead of flying to South America, or Georgia,
Experiencing the extreme – what any Israeli does after the army,
Instead of renting their first flat – alone or with roommates,
Instead of growing up at their own pace,
They survive the day to come.

Life suddenly stops, they are sick.
Experience great pain, a real break,
A rollercoaster of ups and downs that controls their routine.
Chemotherapy, radiations, surgeries and endless tests,
Their body is changing, their hair is falling, their skin is
tainted in a different hue,
And all this in the period you wish to be the most attractive.

They understand they have to freeze the next generation in them.
Not to let the chemotherapy ruin their future…
They stare at the white of death’s eye,
And decide to fight for their lives.

Mehubarim connects them to life.
To the open air, to the rhythm outside,
To fun and laughter, to the sounds of the world.

Because also adults want to feel alive,
They also deserve to experience,
All beautiful and thrilling moments.
Despite cancer.

About Mechubarim Association

The Mehubarim Association was founded to support cancer patients, ages 20-35.
The Association was founded under the initiative and leadership of Jacob Hershkowitz, in 2015, and it unites patients from all over Israel.

The main objective of the Association is to connect between patients of this age group, with the fun activities of life, stopped and changed because of cancer.
The Association was founded out of an understanding that the adult group also has a need and right to go to fun and challenging activities in order to relieve themselves from the harsh routine of therapy.
The adult group copes with difficulties and detachment from their dynamic life routine, which characterizes people in this age group. Their entire existence is dedicated to fighting this illness and trying to maintain optimism and livelihood in their journey.
The main concept is to embrace the patients and their families in the journey of coping with cancer and with the damages inflicted upon them in various aspects.
Treating cancer requires great time and efforts, and entails hospitalization, surgery, chemotherapy, radiations and more. It requires patience and a supportive atmosphere all along the way.
Mehubarim is a partner for this journey. It supports, shares and accompanies the patients and their families.
The Association is active in two, divergent aspects.
In the group aspect – shared meetings for all group members.
In the personal aspect – personal guidance for each patient.
Each group of patients has a guide who keeps constant connection with the patient. This warm and supportive bond enables providing concrete support that fits the needs, the medical and the mental state of the patient.

The Association’s operation in the group aspect is characterized by fun activities all over the country, such as entertainment shows and small uplifting delights that empower the will to live.
During these meetings, special bonds were created between the patients and the guiding team. This feeling grants strength and enables the patients to live, more comfortably, with cancer.
In addition, Mehubarim offers a wide range of mental and physical support, including: support groups, couples therapy, financial backup if possible, medication, speaking to experts, medical supplies, etc.
The Association is based entirely on volunteers, who believe in the power of the joint connection and of sharing this journey.

רשם עמותות

סעיף 46

Prof. Dror Meirov - President

Prof. Meirov serves as the global president of fertility preservation and specializes in OB/GYN and fertility.
He is responsible for preserving fertility and manages the research lab in the Sheba Tel Hashomer hospital. In addition, he serves as professor of OB/GYN in the Tel Aviv University medical school.
Prof. Dror Meirov is a leading researcher of fertility and receiver of many prestigious awards, including an award on behalf of the American Society of Fertility and on behalf of the Israeli Society of Fertility, and an award on behalf of the OB/GYN Association.

In addition to his vast activity in fertility, he serves as manager of the gynecological clinic for breast cancer patients in Sheba. In this position he counsels, follows and treats hormonal issues, conducts gynecological surgeries related to breast cancer, and supervises pregnancy in breast cancer patients. He is a member of the update committee of the Cancer Association and a manager of the Association’s forum on fertility in cancer patients.

Prof. Meirov’s studies are pioneering in his field, and have received recognition in Israel and abroad. He is considered a leader of fertility preservation.
After training in the UK at the Center for Fertility Studies in Leeds University, he was groundbreaking as the first publisher of a study on a group of women who had ovarian tissues frozen to preserve their fertility. After a deep study of the field, in 2005, he was the first to assist in the birth of a healthy child after implanting frozen ovarian tissue in a recovered cancer patient, that therapy has ruined her ovaries.
The frozen ovarian tissue was preserved for about 3 years and after the recovery of the woman, they were implanted back in her body, based on Prof. Meirov’s studies. The innovative implant surgery was conducted with the unit manager, Prof. Dor, and during this surgery, the defrosted ovarian tissue was implanted back into the inactive ovary. Nine months post-surgery, the ovaries regained their function and the woman gave birth to a healthy baby girl.

Prof. Dror Meirov developed and published new methods to stimulate ovaries to prepare them for fertilization in breast cancer patients. In 2009 he first published, together with the unit manager, Prof. Dor and with Dr. Feldman of the Genetic Institute, a twin pregnancy and birth in a breast cancer patient with a rich history of cancer, who was found as carrier of the gene mutation responsible for breast and ovarian cancer. The woman became pregnant following an IVF without hormones, Pre-Implantation Genetic Diagnosis was conducted and she gave birth to twins who don’t carry this mutation. This disconnects the family’s genetic cancer bond.

In fertility, Prof. Dror Meirov studied and published on subjects related to ovulation disturbances and polycystic ovaries, problems related to men fertility and sperm donation, the effects of stress on fertility and the influence of drugs and chemotherapy on IVF treatments.

Mr. Jacob Hershkowitz - CEO

Jacob Hershkowitz, from Jerusalem, volunteers for 22 years and accompanies cancer patients. During the recent year, he initiated the Mehubarim Association and serves as the living spirit behind it. Jacob Hershkowitz personally contacts every patient and initiates daily visits to hospitals all over Israel.

In his unique way, Jacob creates a special bond with the patients, supporting and consulting them, advising and accompanying them and their families, and providing them with the knowledge that they are not facing this illness alone. Jacob also connects the patients with other younger patients coping with the disease and creates a supporting, loving and hugging community. His activities assisted and still assist many cancer patients in Israel.

Michal Stern - Chair
Menachem Heller - Secretary
Efrat Ashkenazy - Board member and administrator
Tal Mimon - board member
Yohai asael - Legal counselor
Oren Nagar - Accountant
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